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Essay about the trip: El Cemi and Casa Canales

       By means of this essay, to talk about the
excursion who the teacher, Miguel González
Rodríguez made from us. The trip was very
interesting and I liked it, because I have
advanced to that place. Moreover, by means
of this trip, learned many things unknown by
me. Leave the trip is short, but interesting.
The purpose of the excursion is to know two
museums, these are: El Cemi and Casa Canales.
Too, to talk about the reasons by the which,
the excursions are importants in our daily live.
     In first place, when entered to El Cemi, I
observed things that never haved see, as for
example: Wooden Dogolito, Vomitive Spatula
of the culture Taino, This piece was a symbol
of power for the Cacique, Ston Belt, Medium
size cemies or trogonolitos, Fragments or stone
belt with geometry designs, Nutritious remains,
etc. Moreover, saw photos about indigenous
symbols and I called my attention, because the
symbols are important from the ancestor. Then
enter to the Casa canales.
     Moreover, I entered to the Casa Canales, is
more shocking. About Blanca Canales, already
to have knowledge about who she was. Too, I
got to about Rosario Canales, of that itself the
composed house and I called the attention the
briefcase that if of evidence. All things are of
great importance from all being human. Too, the
importance of the excursions.
     However, the excursions are very importants
from our daily to live, because of it one learns
things that never sees in of the rooms. The
excursions are halfs of learnings and too of fun,
because from that go out useful have that a
little of fun. In my opinion, in all the excursions
that to go, in the as time of the years, I learning
many things that I helping in my daily to live,
how by example: being more social, to learn to
work in groups, being more responsible, etc.
     In conclusion, all the before sketching,
indicate that is very important to visity places,
due to that one know things that never haved
see or listening. All types of excursions, are many
goods from the learning of each human being.
Finaly, one experience unforgettable and that
always remembered.


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